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You Are Not Alone

A Horror Actual Play Podcast


Candlelight is a Rooted in Trophy game that follows the inverse story of a Trophy Dark session. In Trophy Dark you play treasure hunters doomed to die in a forest that does not want them there. In Candlelight, you are the ghosts of treasure hunters who met their end in the dark forest.

The forest wants these spirits to become one of the horrors that infest the place, but you still have unfinished business you need to escape the forest to accomplish. This tension drives forward the narrative of the game, as you play spirits struggling to find hope while the forest wishes to fill them with despair.

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   The Show

You Are Not Alone is a horror actual play podcast. Each episode, Blaine is joined by a guest. Together they sit town, 1-on-1, to tell a deeply personal and horrifying story using a variety of different horror RPGs.

   You are strong

      You are beautiful

   and You are not alone



Blaine C. Martin

Executive Producer & Host

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