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You Are Not Alone

A Horror Actual Play Podcast


Nashda'ad is a gnoll junk mage who came to the Heart to find a physical manifestation of the chaos in hopes that it can bring him a new level of power. Hopefully the priests of Mehror, the god of snuffed candles, can help him find what he has sought after for so long.

Heart is a surreal horror game set in the same world as Spire designed by Grant Howitt and Christopher Taylor.

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   The Show

You Are Not Alone is a horror actual play podcast. Each episode, Blaine is joined by a guest. Together they sit town, 1-on-1, to tell a deeply personal and horrifying story using a variety of different horror RPGs.

   You are strong

      You are beautiful

   and You are not alone




Blaine C. Martin

Executive Producer & Host